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B. Anele, Brit, Daniel Marin Medina, Jaik Puppyteeth, Jay Barry, JP Huckins, Kellen Chasuk, Pace Taylor, Paradise Khanmalek, Reid Moffatt, San Mahe, and Shanee Benjamin

Disjecta Contemporary Art Space


an illustration-specific exhibition with work and ephemera for sale, a salon-style show that crosses the line.

The word illustration comes from the action 'to illuminate' or β€˜to clarify.’ In other words, to show proof. The exhibition Proof. Brings together makers who use a diverse array of line and gesture that lands on the the 2-dimensional paper plane as a re-imagined proof of being. Many of the works include figural pieces or references to the body -- in a time when visibly queer folks are being attacked in the streets of Portland by violent hate groups, is it any surprise that queer artists return to the body as a point of activation, exploration, deconstruction, and growth? Beyond looking toward the body, these illustrators also look from it -- at the world from their own perspectives. What is seen around them: cars, plants, the architecture and spaces they occupy -- these are the things that prove to them that they are here. The subjects that these illustrators choose are mirrors of their reality expressed in a myriad of versatile illustrative mediums. Each of these artists have been included in this exhibition for their unique styles and approach to reimagining and asserting queer realities.

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