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Insistent Noise, Insistent Quiet

Sevin Mundo and Essy Hart

Third Space, PORTLAND OR


This exhibition explores visual moments of noise and quiet as forces that impact bodies in space. Hart's visceral paintings excavate the friction between silence and sound, calling the viewer to dwell in the transformational qualities of conflict. Her carved and layered surfaces dip into the otherworld; across the veil and yet root in the concrete, between linear and circular. Mundo uses film photography to start conversations about the human condition. The photographs hold a dynamic and sacred space for multiple facets of the subject’s soul to be explored. In the process of letting go -- of traditional beauty standards, expectations, gender roles and everything in between -- healing becomes part of the process. Together the works explore grief, vices, and self-conceptualization through fissures and moments of impact. The paintings and photos open up and collapse surfaces / bodies to envision new worlds.

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