First Brick is the curatorial collaboration of two Portland-based artists, James Knowlton and Eric Long, founded along side Molly Alloy and Allynn Carpenter who have since stepped away from the project to focus on personal practice. We prioritize queer artists and audiences, drawing from the wealth of divergent queer artistic perspectives that Portland has to offer. This project deploys queer approaches; utilizing non-traditional sites and spaces, and the in-betweens of existing art spaces. We give agency to artists in formulating themes and exhibitions. First Brick’s curators do not believe in categorical assumptions of artistic comprehension based on age, institutional involvement, or artistic background. We engage artists who are not necessarily institutionally validated, and create space for audiences who have felt excluded from the art realm. Their programs often bring together folks who are just entering the field alongside very established artists. We do not operate out of a single physical location but instead occupy existing spaces with infusions of queer energy and community concentrated into pop-up exhibitions and events. The mobility in changing spaces lets us bring art experiences to places where queer audiences already exist and also to existing art audiences that are not as exposed to queer art perspectives.

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